A Luxurious Heaven Of Peace And Tranquility


Hotel Palazoo Inn,New Delhi is a luxurious haven of peace and tranquility, providing a perfect escape from busy schedules and the rush of a bustling city.

The complemented by the stunning marble, oak wood and antique-finished metal interiors, sets the mood for a therapeutic experience. In the day, there is an abundance of natural light and courtyard views, while ambient lighting bestows a soft glow in the evenings. Incense sticks and aromatic oils permeate the air with a gentle fragrance, creating the perfect ambiance for total relaxation.

The serenity of space calms make senses in preparation for rejuvenating treatments performed by skilled therapists in the privacy of luxurious therapy rooms. Hotel Palazoo Inn has five private treatment rooms and a couple’s spa suite. Each room has a private relaxation area, an en suite aromatic steam shower and washroom.

The upcoming extensive spa offers holistic massage and beauty treatments all massage.There is also an infra coming outdoor,Complimentary breakfast can be experienced in the mornings.

Website: http://www.palazzoinn.com

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