A Horse With No Name

It has been quite some time since Downtown Las Vegas has had a new hotel tower. Golden Nugget added a tower about a decade ago but it sets well off Fremont Street. The Downtown Grand simply used the old Lady Luck footprint and all the other changes have been remodels. All that is about to change as the as yet unnamed project at 18 Fremont takes shape over the next few years. Taking up all the Fremont street footage between 1st and Main, it will top out at 459 feet, surpassing the D as the tallest hotel Downtown. It will have 777 rooms, a large parking garage across the street, between the Plaza and Main Street Station, and a rooftop lounge. The casino will exceed 100,000 feet, making it the largest in Glitter Gulch. A pool, spa and a number of restaurants round out the resort, which figures to challenge the Golden Nugget as the premiere Downtown property.

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