A guide to Krakow, Poland

One of my favourite cities in the world is krakow. I’ve only visited twice but after spending even a day here I instantly fell in love. The city is just full of life and culture, everywhere you turn there is stunning architecture, tasty dessert places & pieces of history dotted about the place. It’s also extremely cheap to visit, the local currency is the polish zloty and if like me you are from the uk, the exchange rate usually sits around the 4.70 mark, meaning you get lots for your pound.

If your looking for some inspiration or you have already booked your holiday to krakow then hopefully this guide of the best things to do and see will help you out. Whenever I visit new places I always try and get recommendations, there’s nothing better than word of mouth when your travelling somewhere new as you don’t want to end up wasting your time and not seeing everything there is to see.


As I said previously I am from the uk, Scotland to be precise. I’ve flown from both Glasgow and Edinburgh airport direct to krakow either flying with EasyJet or Ryanair, both companies fly out twice a week from these airports and take roughly 2hours 45minutes. You can also fly from other places around the uk including Manchester, Bristol and London.

There is various ways to travel from the airport into the city centre. First of all there is a train station in the airport that takes you directly into the Krakow Glowny station (Main train station) which cost around 9PLN (ZLOTYS) and takes around 20 minutes. There is also a bus that takes you in that costs around 4PLN and takes around 50 minutes. You can also get a taxi which costs around 100PLN and takes around 30 minutes. In my opinion the train is the best option as it is the quickest and very reasonably priced.


In the main city centre there is a park that runs all the way around it, in my opinion you want to stay inside this circle as it is where all the main restaurants/hotels are. Both times I have visited krakow I have stayed in an apartment rather than a hotel, there has been no reason for this other than I just prefer having my own space rather then being stuck in a small hotel room. Old City Apartments do great apartments at great prices. There is loads of hotels in the city aswell from little independent ones to larger chains so whatever takes your fancy you are sure to find something you like.


The weather in krakow is mostly similar to other European cities. June/July/August are the hottest months reaching anywhere from 22degrees to 30degrees. I’ve visited at the end of October and got really lucky with the weather, about 20degrees most days. I’ve also been in November and it snowed the full time I was there, so whether it’s for a summer holiday or for a Christmas market break you can find it all.


Wawel Castle And Cathedral – Don’t miss out on the beautiful Wawel Castle, located on a hill with stunning views across the river and city from all angles. You can pay for guided tours inside but to be honest, walking around the grounds is the best part of it.

Main Market Square – The hub of he city, from the cloth halls in the centre to the dozens of Restaurants and pubs surrounding, you won’t spend a day in krakow without ending up here. Take a look inside St Mary’s Basilica whilst you are here and don’t forgot to listen our for and wave to the trumpeter who will play his trumpet every hour on the hour.

Auschwitz/Birkenau Museum – In my opinion you can’t visit krakow without going to Auschwitz/Birkenau. It is the resting place of around 1.5million people after the site served as a concentration camp during World War ll. Guided tours take your around the different exhibitions and shows you some pretty harrowing stuff. You can book tours and transport from a number of stalls in krakow city centre from around 120PLN including bus transport. It takes around 1hour 30 minutes to get to the camps but definitely worth the visit.

Salt Mines – Again another museum this time showcasing an unforgettable sight of underground salt art and architectural design. Guided tours are also available.


Now for some of my favourite places to eat in Krakow

Fabryka Pizzy – Probably one of my favourite Italian restaurants i have ever tried. The food here is amazing, I especially recommend the carbonara. They do a great mixture of Italian food here for great prices. A bowl of carbanora will set you back 22PLN which in pounds is about £4.50…absolute bargain

Bobbys Burgers – A great burger joint just off the main square. The burgers here are lovely and they also offer vegetarian burgers and gluten free buns, so accommodates most diets. The mozzarella sticks are a winner in my eyes.

Hurry Curry – A amazing Indian restaurant we stumbled across one day. The food here is delicious with a mix of all the amazing food India has to offer. You can get meat or tofu curries, so again caters for all. The portions are massive and the prices are low so definitely a place to visit.

Cafe Mini – A great place for stopping and enjoying a cake and coffee. The cakes here are amazing and they do a great mixture. They also sell amazing ice cream if your there in the summer and need cooling down. The waffles ands the crepes are my favourite.

Bar Grodzki – Not the fanciest place in the world but just proper good food. We stopped in here for lunch one day and got a ciabatta and chips lunch time special, the portion was massive and the food was amazing, so much so that I scoffed the full thing before I remembered to get a picture. A great stop for lunch when your out and about.


Right in the centre of krakow right next to the train station there is the galeria shopping centre. With 3 floors of shops & resturants there is loads to do. There is a good mixture of shops plus a few oldies that we no longer have anymore in the uk which is good to see. There is also great independent shops based around the city aswell including your high street stores also. If you are a shopper there is always somewhere you will be able to find to get your fix.

Well that’s me came to the end of my post. If there is anything else I can think of I can update or if you have any questions/recommendations yourself then let me know. I’d love you hear from you


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