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When it comes to a Disney holiday you want every single moment to feel special. A huge part of your holiday is deciding which hotel to stay in and when it comes to Disneyland Paris it can be a LOT to decide which one is right for you. 

Disneyland Paris has 7 official hotels and 9 partner hotels, all accessible to the parks by a short ride on a shuttle bus or a walk to the park. With 16 hotels to choose from how do you choose?

So here’s my Disneyland Paris Hotel Guide!

  1. Disney’s official hotels

Now these hotels are a dream. They come with many benefits but a lot of the time also a hefty price tag if there’s no deals currently on. However, personally if they are within your budget, they are well worth it!

The Disney hotels are:

The Disneyland Hotel

This is the huge pink hotel at the front of the Disneyland Park. The hotel itself is BEAUTIFUL and on pretty much every Disney fans DREAM hotel to stay in! It is however, expensive to stay in, but if you can afford it DO IT!

TIP: Even if you aren’t staying in this hotel you can go inside to visit! I fully recommend visiting cafe fantasia and checking out the gift shop too, the hotel has the most amazing smell.

Newport Bay Club

This hotel is a beach club yacht themed hotel based on the lake at Disney village. Its literally right in Disney village and has the most amazing rooms looking over the lake. Again, expensive but worth it!

Hotel New York: Marvel

This hotel has recently been updated and ready to open in Easter 2020, the entire hotel will be themed around marvel, the FIRST of its kind! Again prices are up in the air at the moment with it being new and not yet open, but you can BET I’m ready to pay!

Taken from Disney Tourist Blog

Sequoia Lodge

Personally, I think this is the most beautiful hotel. Themed around woodlands, it has beautiful wood exteriors and log fires. At Christmas this hotel is to die for it looks like it should be surrounded by snow in the alps!

Image from booking.com

Hotel Cheyenne

This is one of the 2 more budget hotels, only around a 15 minute walk from the park or a 5 minute shuttle bus this hotel is themed around the Wild West. When you step into the hotel it literally looks like a Wild West village, its amazing!

Image from booking.com

Santa Fe

This is usually the cheapest of the Disney hotels that is accessible by the free shuttle bus or in walking distance. I’ve stayed here twice and even though its basic I love it. The hotel is cars themed, has a Mexican buffet and all the paths are made to look like little roads! I personally love this hotel.

Image from trivago.co.uk

Davy Crockett’s Ranch

This hotel is NOT in walking distance and DOES NOT have a free shuttle bus. You need to have a car with you to drive to the parks which is the only disadvantage. The hotel itself reminds me of lodge cabin camping, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Disney hotels and stay in the woodlands, this is perfect for you!

Image from booking.com

What are the advantages of staying in a Disney hotel?

  • Every hotel has a free shuttle bus to the park that takes roughly 5-10 minutes expect Davy Crockett’s ranch.
  • All the hotels are within walking distance expect Davy Crockett’s ranch (the longest walk is Santa Fe which is roughly 15/20 minutes to Disney Village)
  • Early magic hours! This is where you get early access into the parks before the general admission. ITS SO WORTH IT! You get onto some of the rides with less queues, can meet characters and even get that perfect castle photo with less people around!
  • Magic pass cards. Personally, I think these are a perk! They are little cards you get that access your room, have your Disney tickets on, fast passes and can even be used to pay with! You get to keep them and they even have your name on and the date you stayed, I love them!
  • Theming. Each hotel has it’s own themes from Cars to toy story, if this is something you love, its worth paying for the details.
  • Half board/full board. This is something you need to add up yourself, if it comes free with an offer its worth it. Food in Disney adds up VERY quick, for example for 4 adults for breakfast was 76 euros, but this was free with our half board. If you think you’ll use it, get it!
  • Character meets. Each hotel in a morning usually has a character meeting people for free! We had Mickey and Goofy, you just simply queue up to get a photo! No time slots needed!

Disadvantages of staying in a Disney hotel

  • It can be EXPENSIVE without a deal, so be prepared to pay more than you would a normal hotel. But honestly, if you can get a good deal its worth it.
  • It is Disney, so expect them to be BUSY at check ins, ive known over an hours wait just to check in at the hotel during school holidays. Honestly I think you’d get this in most hotels near Disney but just be ready.
  • The prices of even the budget hotels can be similar prices that what you’d pay for a really nice hotel elsewhere. So don’t expect to always walk into rooms in the budget hotels expecting premium. Personally, I love the budget hotels but they are BASIC. If you want premium expect to pay for it.


Partner hotels are hotels on Disney site that aren’t owned by Disney themselves. This makes them MUCH cheaper and still accessible by a free shuttle bus service but they DONT have as many perks.

Partner hotels:

  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Vienna House Dream castle
  • Vienna House Magic circus
  • Adiago Marne-La-Vallee Val D’Europe
  • Algonquin’s explorers Hotel
  • Campanile Val De France (Use to be the Kyraid)
  • Hotel l’elysée Val de europe
  • B&B Hotel
  • Les villages de nature paris

Taken at campanile Val de france

Advantages of staying in a partner hotel

  • All hotels are accessible by a 10 minute free shuttle bus to the parks! (other than Les villages de nature Paris, the shuttle bus is available for a fee)

• These hotels are usually a LOT cheaper and yet still on Disney property. If you don’t think you will get the most out of the hotel and will only use it for sleeping, it might be worth considering one of these.

• If you don’t spend a lot of time in the room, like we don’t, it may be worth getting a cheaper hotel room to save money for other perks.

•Some of the hotels like the Vienna house’s do have swimming pools and actual have fun theming!

Disadvantages of staying in a partner hotel

  • You don’t if ever, get character meets in the mornings at these hotels. I have never seen it advertised but check with your hotel first.
  • The hotels aren’t Disney themed as they aren’t owned by Disney, so if this is important to you, be aware.
  • These hotels are NOT in walking distance to the parks. I’ve seen a few people walking from some of the Val’d’europe hotels, but haven’t tried this myself. So if being able to walk quickly into the parks be aware this isn’t possible as these hotels are surrounded by main roads.
  • The shuttle buses for most of the partner hotels are shared. This means after the fireworks you can have 4/5 hotel worth of guests all trying to get on one bus, so it can get busy or you may have to wait for another bus. We usually tried to wait out the firework crowds in Disney village before trying to get on the shuttle bus.
  • You DONT get early magic hours. Even though you are on Disney property, early magic hours is for Disney hotel guests and annual pass holders only.

Staying in Paris and travelling to Disneyland Paris

If you want to visit Disney from Paris or maybe even visit Paris for the day, it’s pretty easy by train!

It’s VERY important to check the train timetables before this as France is known for its strikes, if the trains are on strike the only way to access Disney is by taxi/Uber which can be VERY EXPENSIVE.

To get from Paris to Disney, you need to jump on the RER A to Marnee – La – Vallee, its really well sign posted for the Disney parks, and when returning the RER A is also signposted for the centre of Paris. The train itself is around 15 euros return and tickets can be purchased on the day. The journey itself takes around 45 minutes to an hour, but the train seats can be limited. So if getting the train around rush hour or when the fireworks are just ending, I would recommend waiting out the crowds as you could find yourself stood up for most of the journey!

The trains are super frequent during the day with the last train being in the early hours, so make sure you check the train timetable, but coming to Disney for a day or so is possible, even though I would recommend 3 days in Disney to see as much as possible!

I hope this guide has been helpful for you in deciding which type of hotel is best for your magical trip!

You can also watch me explain the hotels over on my youtube channel: https://youtu.be/avvGqR6EOso

Have an amazing and MAGICAL time in Disneyland Paris!

@aimeebrowes x

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