A delicious weekend in Montréal

After returning from my grand journey in Southeast Asia and getting back into the grind of work and daily life this past month, I decided it was time to satisfy my travel craving once more. Mr. Chuckles had only a long weekend to spare for vacation time, so we opted to take a local mini break to Montréal.

Train to old Montréal

Montréal, Quebec is an easy 5 hour drive or train ride from Toronto. Given my corporate discount, we went with VIA Rail. Porter also flies from Toronto to Montréal, but if you account for travel to the airport and check in times, the marginal duration of time saved from flying is probably not worth the additional expense.

For accommodation, we stayed at Hotel Nelligan, a quaint boutique hotel located in the middle of old Montréal. We splurged on the petit suite (junior suite) and had a decent stay there. The only issue I had was some disorganization when checking out; somehow they recorded us as having taken multiple items from the mini bar when we in fact don’t touch a thing in there.

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