5 things to look for in a Banquet Hall in Noida

With wedding season striking in, it is not easy to select the perfect banquet hall in Noida. A perfect celebration is a mix of place and arrangements. So the selection of the best venue becomes our acme criteria. The process requires careful attention and here are some points that one must pay attention to before taking any decision:


This must be given the foremost attention that exactly how much are you willing to spend on a particular function. Indian weddings are a glamorous affair so it is important to know the maximum amount one can spend.


Looking for urbane and posh locality must be one’s priority. Drop the tumultuous locations off the list. Everyone wants to have a peaceful function away from the noisy atmosphere. Make sure the location has ample parking space and is easily traceable. The location must have good hotels and restaurants nearby in order to avoid any inconvenience to the guest like the Mosaic hotel Noida .

Staff and Facilities

One must evaluate the venue before making any concrete decision. Meet their catering staff and discuss the cuisines they serve and let them know your requirements. Make sure the size of the venue is big enough to accommodate all your guest. Check for the additional services they provide such as valet parking, DJ, singers and all forms of entertainments available. Check the availability of dates for the venue and try to make the booking of a banquet hall in Noida in advance to avoid any bitter experience later.


A banquet hall must be selected keeping in mind your guest list. It must have enough space for caterers to prepare and serve food properly and it shouldn’t get congested.

Backup plans

Make sure to discuss with management about uncertainties i.e. if the number of guest increases than expected, then how does the staff manage the space and the food. What the safety measures that the venue takes in occasion of any unpleasant crisis such as fire. Whether CCTV cameras installed in the venue and are functioning properly and how reliable are their security forces.
Paying attention to these important points before finalizing the venue might make the tedious process of selection of a good venue in Noida a bit easier. All the leading banquet halls as of the Mosaic Hotel Noida makes sure that the guest are enthralled by their service and they put their best efforts to make your day a memorable one.

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