5 Quick Tips For Couples Visiting Indore


Visiting Indore with your better half? Take a tour through the former Holkar city hand in hand, experiencing their Malwa culture, food, and warm greetings. Notice how the best restaurants in Indore take pride in showing off their heritage.

Here are some quick travel tips for all the couples visiting Indore.

Enjoy a hearty snack treat
Walking hand in hand through the city bazaar and savouring the street delicacies – perfect, right? Indore streets sell the best Poha and jalebis. It is one of the must-try things of Indore. And the experience amplifies when you are sharing such special travel moments with your loved one.

Choose a couple-friendly accommodation
The best hotels in Indore provide romantic suites and budget rooms perfect for couples to sit back and lap up all the alone time. The city’s 5 star and 4-star accommodations offer many additional facilities for couples like couple saunas, candle-light dinner options, etc.

Revisit the mighty Holkar era
Holkars were a Maratha royal clan who ruled over the city since the 17th century. In the later years, they served as the Peshwas of the greater Maratha dynasty and kept a strong foothold over the city as the Maharajas of Indore. Take a tour of their palaces, temples, and edifices, admiring the illustrative architectural designs that the Holkars stood out for.

Watch a rock concert with your partner
Metal and rock music has been a growing trend of Indore. If you are still planning a visit to Indore, schedule your trip during a Nicotine concert. Hear this pioneer of metal music performances, dance to the heavy rhythm of their guitars and sway with the flow of the melodies of Central Indian music on your trip to the city.

Devour the aesthetics of the city
If as a couple you enjoy nature more than a city life, Indore is the right choice for a weekend getaway. The Patalpani Waterfalls, wrapped in legends, myths, and all nature’s bounty, provides the romantic alone time, away from the city hustles.

When in Indore, there’s never a bad moment to stop and have fun with each other. Try all the childish nuisances, play pranks and revive the spark of your relationship. The experience doubles when you share it with a city as mighty as Indore! Bon voyage!

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