5 cheap hotel chains in Japan

If you’re a solo traveller on a budget but can’t stand the thought of staying at Air B’n’b (plus, it’s still technically illegal in Japan), you’ve come to the right place. Most people who have discovered business hotels in Japan rave about the Toyoko Inn chain – I’m here to tell you that there are affordable hotels other than Toyoko Inns that are worth checking out on your next trip.


Price: Around 10,000 yen (AUD$111) per night for a standard, more if it’s a MyStays Premier

MyStays Hamamatsucho, Tokyo

MyStays Hamamatsucho, Tokyo

I’ve stayed at the MyStays in Kanazawa and more recently, in Hamamatsucho. The great thing about this chain is that the rooms are quite modern and it’s clean and comfortable. Hamamatsucho is the best place to stay if flying in and out of Haneda Airport – the Tokyo Monorail stops here and it’s much smaller than other stations in Tokyo, so you won’t get lost. If travelling from Narita, you can take the Narita Express to Tokyo, then change for the Keihin Tohoku Line Express, it’s two stops to Hamamatsucho.

Hamamatsucho also has loads of places to eat, from Mos Burger to ramen shops. There’s an excellent bakery close to the train station too. As a bonus, Zozoji Temple is a short walk away, and you can admire Tokyo Tower up close. It looks amazing lit up at night.

MyStays’ target market is western tourists so all the signs are in English and the front desk staff speak English too. For this reason, I found the front desk staff at Hamamatsucho rather unfriendly.

This hotel chain does not offer breakfast, but they’re often located close to train stations so there’s no shortage of bakeries or convenience stores.

Super Hotel

Price: Around 15,000 yen per night (AUD$166) including breakfast

Super Hotel Lohas Tokyo-eki Yaesu

Super Hotel Lohas Tokyo-eki Yaesu

I stayed at the Super Hotel Lohas Tokyo-eki Yaesu. It’s a short walk from Tokyo Station’s Yaesu Exit, so it’s great if you are taking the shinkansen before or after. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by the friendliest hotel staff I ever did meet. After checking in, they show you to their pillow bar – that’s right, you get to choose your own pillow and take it up to your room. #winning

You’re given an electronic code on a slip of paper to unlock your door. The rooms are small but very modern with a Japanese touch. They’ve provided pretty much everything you can think of, including an in-room phone charger! Yukata (cotton kimonos) are provided too. The highlight of this hotel is the indoor onsen, separated into male and female baths. It’s pretty rare for a city hotel, let alone a budget city hotel, to offer onsen. They also offer free ionised water from a water fountain on your room floor.

The Japanese breakfast on offer is excellent too. So much choice and quite delicious!


Breakfast at Super Hotel Lohas Tokyo-eki Yaesu

I’ll definitely use this chain again in the future.

Sotetsu Fresa Inn

Price: Around 9,000 yen (AUD$100) per night including breakfast

I had to go to a wedding in Kamakura on a budget so I decided to stay at their Kamakura-Ofuna hotel (a short train ride away). Rooms are small and simple but have everything you need, see below.

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Kamakura/Ofuna

Excuse the terrible photo. I took this photo before I thought to write this blog!

They offer a simple western-style breakfast such as toast, sandwiches or yogurt with coffee for 600 yen in their cafe.

Chisun Inn

Price: Around 6,000 yen ($66) per night including breakfast

I stayed at the Chisun Inn when I visited Karuizawa, Nagano. The hotel was located in the middle of nowhere, but the rooms were clean and comfortable. They do have a drink and snack vending machine (with cup noodles, etc.) in the lobby, which is good as there are no convenience stores within walking distance nearby.

Breakfast was a weird mix of western and Japanese but I really enjoyed the variety!


Breakfast at Chisun Inn Karuizawa

Daiwa Roynet Hotels

Price: around 10,000 yen per night (AUD$111) per night including breakfast

I stayed at the Daiwa Roynet Takamatsu hotel and was pleasantly surprised. The room was small, but modern and comfortable.

Daiwa Roynet Hotels Takamatsu

There you have it! A list of 5 business hotel chains in Japan to try, other than Toyoko Inn.

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