43 days……

It’s that wonderful time where you get to go wild and let your hair down and, in some cases, get wasted and embarrass yourself – The Hen Do!

While the “typical” Hen do seems to be something modern and sexually open, it’s actually got roots back to the 70s when people pinned sexual innuendos to fake veils on the brides last day of work to mock her lack of experience in such matters. This couldn’t be further from the truth in this day and age, so it seems strange that it is still practised in this way, but I’m not going to complain about a weekend away!

When the engagement first happened, the talk about the hen do was all based around alcohol and costumes and all those little things that go with it, like inflatable genitalia and strippers, L plates and hairbands with veils. But that’s not me – well not anymore. Maybe if I was still in my 20s, but I’m not and all that stuff would just make me uncomfortable.

So instead I/we opted for a weekend away and a show…. I’m sure I’ve told you about it already, but here’s a reminder…..

5 of us are travelling down to London, seeing Mama Mia at the theatre, going for dinner and drinks, a night in a hotel followed by a day sight seeing and then coming home.

Much more my thing!



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