4 Best Day Trips Everyone Wanderlust Must Plan From Dubai!

We know that the United Arab Emirates is a junction of Western and Middle Eastern culture, where vast dessert contrast with a beautiful stretch of beaches, luxurious shopping malls, and fine dining. It is the world’s youngest nation bordered with the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It’s traditional art & culture is preserved along with modern architecture. Moreover, it’s warm seas, attractive beaches and desert climate indeed make UAE an ultimate tourist destination around the world.

For almost half the people UAE is just one place and that is, Dubai, a sci-fi-esque city of palm-shaped islands, iconic skyscrapers, indoor ski slopes, palatial beach resorts, and city-sized malls. But in reality, UAE is more than the glitters of this modern cosmopolitan city and is a diverse mix of six other emirates namely, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, Ra’s al Khaymah.

In this blog post, you will learn about the other six emirates and how you can plan a wonderful day trip from Dubai. While you’ve already hit all the wonderful attractions, theme parks, beaches and resorts in Dubai, this time, think about exploring some of its neighboring emirates with impressive architecture, museums, adventure activities, etc.

While planning day trips from Dubai make sure you choose the shortest and most convenient travel mode because for some places, taking up the flight is the most convenient mode, while for some places road trip is the best option. Nevertheless, no matter which destination you choose to visit, each one is within easy reach from Dubai.

If you choose to book a flight for traveling from one city to another city then don’t forget to use Emirates coupon codes so as to enjoy added savings and discounts. Now, take a look at some of the best places to visit for day trips-

1 # Discover The Art & Architecture Of Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi, being the capital city of United Arab Emirates and the modest counterpart of Dubai, it is an opulent city with a humble soul. You may not find much glitter over here, but the character of the city is much closer to the country’s indigenous roots. In Abu Dhabi, you must visit is famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque, also called to as White Mosque. It is the gleaming white mosque with marvelous architecture and intricate marble work leaving its visitors spell-bound and speechless. Besides this, you must also visit Ferrari World (a Ferrari themed park), Yas Island (for the F1 circuit, water parks, etc.), Marina Mall (a waterfront shopping mall), Emirates Palace (a majestic palace hotel), etc.

2 # Enjoy Great Underwater Adventure In Fujairah!

It is an ultimate beach getaway of Dubai. Known for its curving sea-side roads, rugged hills, white sandy coastline, and pounding surfing and other water sports activity, Fujairah is another must-visit destination from Dubai. Head to this wonderful place to enjoy thrilling water sports, a fun picnic at its vast-spread white sandy beach or simply discover its stark stone hills. Al Bidyah Mosque (one of the oldest mosques of UAE), Fujairah City Center Mall, Fujairah Fort, stunning serene beaches and cornice along the coastline are some of the major highlights of the city.

3 # Spend A Peaceful Day In Ras al Khaimah!

Ras al Khaimah is among the most peaceful and quieter emirates of UAE. It is a small town perfect for relaxing day out away from the hustle bustle of Dubai. It is known for its gorgeous mountain scenery. Surrounded by the vicious Hajar Mountains, the city is the northernmost emirates of UAE where you will get to enjoy diverse scenery ranging from sprawling oases to hot springs to sandy beaches to sun-baked desert. Ras al Khaimah Museum, Dayah Fort, Jazirat al Hamra, Khatt Springs, etc., are some of the prime must-visit attractions of Ras al Khaimah.

4 # Explore The Center Of Culture – Sharjah!

Being sensitive towards the culture and history, Sharjah doesn’t shine with sparkling glitz like other emirates. Being awarded as the “Cultural Capital” of Arab by UNESCO in 1988 and “Capital of Islamic Culture” in 2014, Sharjah is known for its distinct Islamic art and historical museums. The city landscaped with beautiful gardens, desert parks, and promenades.

So, these are the top four must-visit emirates of UAE, perfect for day trips from Dubai. While booking flights to reach these places from Dubai make sure you use Tajawal coupon codes so as to enjoy added discount offers and deals.

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