4 Amazing Facts About Lucknow You Must Know

The capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is a bustling city which was once home to Nawabs. With its rich cultural heritage, amazing architecture, delightful local cuisines and budget hotels in Lucknow, it is an enticing place for tourists. Here are some interesting facts about the city:

1. Origin of Lucknow is not known

The origin of Lucknow is traced back to thousands of years to the Suryavanshi Dynasty. According to legends, originally the city was named Lakshmanpur since Lakshmana, who accompanied Rama to exile in the forests, was considered the founder of this ancient city.

2. Railway station of Lucknow looks like a chess board

The Charbagh Railway Station of Lucknow is one of the most architecturally rich stations in India. From the top, the station resembles that of a chess board with its domes and pillars looking like chess pieces.

3. Seat of uprisings against the British

Lucknow was known for its rebellious activities during the British era. Whether it was during the Rebellion of 1957 or the Khilafat Movement, Lucknow always remained in the forefront of all sorts of agitations against the colonial British rule.

4. India’s first CCTV city

Lucknow has over 9000 CCTV cameras installed in various parts of the city for security purposes. Drones are used to keep a hawk’s eye during festivals, processions, political meetings and other important occasions. Hotels near Lucknow airport have come up rapidly owing to the increase in safety and security in the city.

Lucknow is a fascinating city that everyone must once visit in their lifetime. With the presence of affordable hotels near Lucknow airport, tourist influx has increased considerably in recent years.

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