11 hotels in Patagonia you’ll never want to leave

The southernmost reaches of South America host some of the most stunning vistas in the world, some of which can be enjoyed by the hot tub or swimming pool while you enjoy a glass of finewine. With stretching lakes, rugged landscapes and the defined peaks of the Andes mountains layered with a dusting of snow, you really can’t beat it. Here are some of the finest hotels in the region that are so luxurious you may never want to leave.



The architecture of this hotel alone is an impressive feat: suavely immersed into the landscape, it sits on Lake Sarmiento and is in style with the local geology. After braving the ferocious winds and the changeable weather, Tierra Patagonia is like a warm hug at the end of a cold day, enticing you into the steaming pool and tickling your tastebuds with an enticing menu.



In between pampas, fjords and glaciers, on the banks of the creamy green glacial lake, is this spectacular hotel, oozing sophistication and history in its own unique way. It’s built in an old warehouse, and the trendy setting has preserved the original machinery, which led to The Singular becoming a historic monument in 1996.



Overlooking one of the most sublime views in the famed Torres del Paineis the Explora, hugging the turquoise waters of Lake Pehoé in front of the Macizo del Paine. Discover the surrounding areas either by foot, by boat or by horse, then in the evenings relax in the spa and enjoy the local cuisine with a glass of Chilean wine.

hotel exterior pat 12


On the banks of one of southern Chile’s azure-blue fjords is this spectacular lodge that boasts a natural spa, where the water from the sea, waterfalls and thermal springs join together to give you an incredible relaxation experience. In the surrounding area you can hike through the surrounding forests in search of the Queulat hanging glacier or sail between the islands and fjords of northern Patagonia.



Open your curtains and look out over the milky glacial lake and look into the distance for the rugged spears of Grey Glacier. After a long day’s hiking and exploring the Torres del Paine national park, the floors will heat you up, the masseur will unleash your knots and the menu will tantalise your taste buds. And don’t forget to claim your piscosour on the house!


The architecture of the building, designed by Germán del Sol, is in keeping with the lay of the land, as well as being eco-friendly, with grass layering the slanted roofs inspired by Patagonian sheep-shearing sheds. The rooms are black and white, in a cute analogy with herds of Patagonian sheep. The Serrano, Balmaceda and Grey glaciers are easily accessible, as are the Prat and Baguales Corilleras.

Remota Hotel


This hotel is located on the Tercera Barranca private reserve, and offers views of the Torres del Paine national park and mountain range. Treat yourself to one of Awasi’s 14 secluded villas, all of which come with a private guide and 4WD so you can explore at your own pace. After a day of discovery, come back and soak in the hot tub before your sumptuous evening meal.




Overlooking the quaint, rustic town of El Chalten, the Don Los Cerros Hotel looks Cerro Fitz Roy and the surrounding mountains in the eye. It’s a hiker’s paradise, and you can trek through the woods to the hanging glacier and the Laguna de los Tres, which is worth the graft when you are greeted with the stunning blue lake and the snowcapped peaks of Fitz Roy. Afterwards, you can relax in the spa, watching the sunset in complete comfort.

chalten-821930_1280Mount Fitz Roy /pixabay


This huge property is located centrally between the Los Glacieres National Park and El Calafate, and you can explore it by horse, on a mountain bike or on foot. Spend some time appreciating the natural beauty of your surroundings, and after a day of exploring and birdwatching, relax in the comfortable and chic hotel.

11 Eolo room corner


The Wood family have owned this cattle ranch for the last four generations, welcoming guests since 1990 to their expanse of rugged steppe. Huechahue (pronounced ‘way-cha-way’) offer riding through Andean gorges, rolling hills and the vast Patagonian shrub, so you can unleash your inner gauchowhile rounding up cattle and horses.


A haven of peace found at the Tierra del Fuego (‘the end of the world’), Argentina’s closest settlement to Antarctica. This regal hotel on the Beagle Channel is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the scenery, trek through forests hunting for glaciers and sail across lakes. If you deserve some relaxation time, you can also lounge by the pool, hop in the Jacuzzi and linger in the sauna.

Ushuaia, Argentina / pixabay

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