10 Best Hotels in Indonesia

10 Best Hotels in Indonesia: Alila Villas, Uluwatu

Nestled on the limestone cliffs of Uluwatu is luxurious Alila Resort. The Resort was designed by the renowned architectural firm WOHA with the goal of blending the resort with its surrounding natural environment. At Alila Villas, you can enjoy a dip in the public cliffside infinity pool which blends in seamlessly with the magnificent Indian ocean. if you prefer privacy, all villas are fitted with its own private pool for a little peace or romance. The villa provides 1-3 bedroom villas if you’re travelling with a bigger group and provides a huge variety of activities to do (for a cost) like half day boat rides to the 6 southern beaches of Bali or even go with hotel staffs to see the local community villages of the area to really immerse yourself in the Balinese culture. The Villa also has an award-winning spa with staff that are trained in anatomical physiology, massage, meditation and warm genuine care. If you’re looking for 5-star comfort in the tropical paradise of Bali make your way to Alila and be prepared to be pampered.

10 Best Hotels in Indonesia: Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Reserve

If you’re looking for an intimate luxury hotel experience with top-notch services come check out the Mandapa hotel in Bali. The Villa blends in with its surrounding as tho as it has been there for centuries leaving most visitors truly immersed in its surrounding. The Villa provides many different services and facilities for you to experience like the wellness retreat, 2 pools, dedicated 24hr butlers and even a romance package for honeymooners and couples. The surrounding area around Mandapa is also as magnificent as the villas in Mandapa, surrounded by emerald green rice paddies and some of the most historically important ancient temples for you to check out if you’re looking for new sights to check out. The villa has a total of 60 villas and suites in the area with both accommodation options having a private patio for you to enjoy the sunrise. For a truly unforgettable trip in Bali book yourself into Mandapa today!

10 Best Hotels in Indonesia: The Chedi Club, Ubud

Seeking Serenity and rejuvenation for your holidays? Relaxing at Chedi will help you archive that! The private hotel has only 20 villas in its location to really give you the best hospitality experience the island has to offer. Get lost in the cultural performances that are done every night in The Chedi Club large amphitheatre or even spoil yourself at the spa which is perched at the edge of an “endless” rice paddy. The villas are carefully designed with neutral relaxing colours and fitted with furniture that blends in effortlessly with its surrounding, some villas provide sleeping options for up to 4 adults and 2 children. If you’re up for a drink or something to eat The Chedi club has a cocktail bar and restaurant serving some of the most authentic refreshments and delicacies.If you plan on checking into the checking into the Chedi be excited for the personal butler that is assigned to each room which will make anyone feel like royalty!

10 Best Hotels in Indonesia: Hoshinoya, Bali

Spend your nights relaxing and enjoying the truly unique experience this 5-star hotel has to offer, Nestled comfortably in the mystical valley of the Pakerisan river (the islands holiest waterways) the Hoshinoya resort in Bali. Water seems to be the main theme of the resort with an impeccable 3 canal pool which branches off into smaller semi-private pools for you to float around in. The rooms of the villas are as impressive as the swimming pool, the villa rooms are extremely spacious and each villa has a large poolside verandah for you enjoy drink and meals in privacy. Although no rooms in Hoshinoya are equipped with a tv you can still find countless entertainment and relaxation options for you to choose from, like taking a trip to the nearby beach or even participate in cultural activities if that is recreational preference.

10 Best Hotels in Indonesia: Sheraton, Surabaya

Sheraton is a 358 room 5-star hotel situated in the heart of Surabaya. The hotel offers a host of facilities and services that will keep you relaxed in Indonesia’s second largest city, some of the facilities and services you can find are 3 restaurants, a swimming pool, outdoor tennis court, spas, poolside bar and even a conference centre for those travelling on business.there is a great amount of rooms options for you to choose from while you stay at the Sheraton some of them ranging from simple club rooms all the way up to spacious deluxe suites equipped with dining tables and a living room. Sheraton’s convenient location in the heart of the city makes it easier for you to travel around while exploring the beautiful port city of Surabaya!

10 Best Hotels in Indonesia: Sheraton Mustika, Yogyakarta

If you’re looking for a secluded place to relax in the region of Yogyakarta, Sheraton Mustika is the best option for you. The Sheraton has over 246 guest rooms for you to select from and has a swimming pool designed to look like its part of an ancient Javanese temple which will be a delight to those who are travelling in Yogyakarta to check out the ancient temples that are famous in the region. Due to the Sheraton Mustika being tucked away deep in the forest extra facilities has been added to the resort such as an arcade/game room, tennis courts, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, spa and even a nightclub. Staying at this resort enables you to explore the jungles and ruins of Yogyakarta and still return back to the comfort of a luxurious resort.

10 Best Hotels in Indonesia: Villa Awang Awang

With its name translating to “floating in the space between heaven and earth” it’s hard to imagine this villa being anything but that! This place is best for you if you’re looking for a quiet environment to unwind in, Villa Awang Awang achieves this by only having 4 villas in its location to accommodate only a handful of travellers. The options that can be chosen when selecting the villa that you want ranges between 1 bedroom villas all the way up to 5 bedroom villas all fitted with its own private pool. Experience the ultimate in Bali’s natural beauty and wildlife all in the comfort of a jungle resort in the “Land of the Gods”.

10 Best Hotels in Indonesia: Natura Mara River Safari Lodge

Get transported into the grasslands of Africa while staying on the Natura Mara River Safari Lodge situated in the Bali Safari and Marine Park. The lodge has unique facilities you probably won’t find elsewhere on the island the most interesting of them being the multitude of exotic animals that are living in the confines of the lodge, types of animals you can see while relaxing at this one of a kind lodge are Lions, Wildebeest, Zebras and Rhinos. You will also be treated to complimentary access to the Safari access and complimentary breakfast with the Lions to really wake you up if you’re feeling sleepy. Travelling with a bigger group? Don’t fret as the lodging options that are at Natura Mara can accommodate 1 – 6 people. The lodge is also conveniently close to Mt.Agung so if you’re looking for a challenge with rewarding views put the hike up Mt.Agung on your things to do list!

10 Best Hotels in Indonesia: The Oberoi, Lombok

This popular hotel in Bali has another impressive branch on the serene island of Lombok. A favourite location for honeymooners Oberoi, Lombok is quickly becoming a hit for those looking for an elegant island getaway spot to unwind in. The Oberoi has a bunch of recreational activities for you to take part in, at the beach clubhouse you can use their scuba gear, snorkelling equipment and even rent out their kayaks to paddle across the surface of the water. There are 3 room options with amazing views, such rooms available are the Royal Villa, Ocean Villa and the luxury Pavillion. If you’re feeling famished there is the Lumbung Restaurant for you to dine at or depending on how long you stay the hotel also hosts an open-air dinner accompanied by authentic Sasak dance performances.

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